Thursday, June 23, 2005

Terminal Whatsthepointitis?

Jim Treacher is not feelin' it these days. Watching him sporadically post about posting sporadically is getting to be pitiable. I hate to see someone who used to get regular Instalanches fizzle out like this; it's like watching The Dave Clark Five in 1968, years past their best-by date.

But, as the carcass of a mighty whale provides sustenance for tiny bottom-feeding ocean organisms, so the foundering of Treacher's once prominent blog gives me something to sink my chelicerae into.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

A case of mistaken identity?

This abandoned personal blog, of no great interest to anyone including the author anymore, is probably pretty typical of the blogwrecks littering the internet, as blogging enters the mainstream.

What's of mild interest here, is that a goodly chunk of this one's traffic was probably driven by people looking for a cruel parody blog based on Terri Schiavo, which had a very similar address. I'm sure the owner of the latter would want me to post a link...

/Paul Harvey deadpan