Friday, April 29, 2005

Video Killed The Patio Star

Looks like the cat's got Martin Devon's tongue. He's run out of political opinions, and is enjoying RL too much to work up a good snark about anything now. Plus, Tivo and Instapundit are supplying him with his daily requirements of news and commentary. Here's hoping he can retool his blog and hold forth on matters more of interest to him before too long.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Love in a Time of War

Well, isn't this sweet! First Red Six rotates out and gets re-united with his fiancee. Now The Questing Cat, another American military blogger in Iraq, comes back online after two months to announce his nuptials. Too bad he had to honeymoon in New Jersey, though. Congratulations!

Bleat Countdown

Lileks' The Bleat has spent the month being The Whatever, as James struggles with doldrums. That is, it would be The Whatever if John Scalzi hadn't thought of that name first.

I wish Lileks would bring back The Screed, myself.