Friday, February 18, 2005

Flameout of the Week

Reginleif, of Metal Yarmulke, and with whom I carry on a cordial email correspondence, was positioned perfectly this past year and a half. She was a)conservative, b)Jewish, c)of forceful opinions, and d)in the greater Boston area. So what did she produce? Sporadic posts, mostly featuring her emails bitching at the managing editor of whatever media outlet had raised her ire. No undercover reportage of life in Kerry's backyard, or smashing generalizations about the blue state denizens she lives with. Hell, she didn't even make it till the election.

I did learn that she got a good job, and thus didn't have time/energy for the blog anymore. That's cool. Time, money, blogging inspiration: pick any two. But I can't help but feel that she proved unequal to her moment, during the late election. Reginleif: if Kerry runs again in '08, let's hear more out of you, hmm?